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The Main Event



YOU will be five feet from famous. Five feet from Superstar to Sidemen. Five feet from Bass Player to Drummer. 

Five Feet from Guitar Tech to Guitar Wizard. Five feet from mixing console to the other side of the glass.  

Five feet from you to the stars and artist professionals you  always wanted to meet. 


 Five Feet from Famous is a Fan and Artist event, designed to give fans a more historical and personal, intimate and retrospective career experience with the artists it features. It’s more interview and interaction with the audience than music performance, more intimate and personal than typical stage-based performances. The artist, surrounded 360° by the audience, gets to tell their story through interview and multimedia production, often interjecting and playing their music into stories, memories and the retrospect of their career. Every fan is given the opportunity to meet and talk with the artist, allowing for photos, questions and autographs. This is the ultimate fan experience. 


Our interviewers start by going through the artists' story with them, sharing their life and accomplishments.

These are the back stories that you always wanted to know and hear, onstage in front of you:

The origins and inspirations, the methods and the madness. 

How they got where they did, how it all happened, where it went and what it became.

The friendships, connections and tales of how it was to be and work with the best in showbiz. 

The gigs and the realities, from onstage to backstage to the bus to the party back at the hotel. 

The war stories, road stories , backstage truths and real-life moments, from the people who lived them.


We started this series to bring inspiration to others, by sharing the real life stories and experiences of those who made it,

to bring to those chasing that elusive star the wisdom of those who caught it. 

To learn about helping others achieve and make great music, and how that helps the musician most of all.   

Learn  what they accomplished, how they accomplished it, and how others can accomplish their dreams.

And maybe, if others learn from the experiences and the dues they paid, a star will be born. 

There's no musical advice like THIS musical advice, anywhere. 


We bring the microphone to you....

Our audience asks the questions they always wanted to know the answer to...

The stories and inspirations behind their songs, the reasons behind their career moves, and what the future holds in store.

You get to ask what their music means to them, or you can even share what it means to you...

Along the way, they might pick up an instrument, sing a tune, or share the art or causes that inspire them.

Some take music requests from the audience. Imagine if they sang your song TO YOU.  


Our artists enjoy meeting their fans, that's a big part of why they're here. 

They WANT to have an audience connection,

so our events always include a personal experience aspect. 

No bullshit 30 second meet and greet cattle calls. This is an EXPERIENCE you will never forget. 

Take a photo, get an autograph, drop a business card or just have a bit of intimate conversation. 

Everyone will have time and opportunity to meet our artists. 


is a personal artist experience you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.

BATTEN / DYSON PUBLIC TIX on Sale 6/22/19 10am

The Venues


Our events are held in venues that guarantee intimacy between celebrity and audience, and that lend themselves well to the combination of interview and interaction with the audience.

Every event is a personal experience with the artist.

Our artists  mingle, meet their fans, sign autographs and take photos as part of our unique experience. It's not unheard of for them to share a drink at the bar, stop at tables for some  personal conversation, or hop back onto the stage to do a request from an audience member. 

This is a night for fans and the famous! 

The Fine Print

Five Feet from Famous, Celebrity Interview, Meet and Greet, fan experience, music event, artist

 Due to the intimate nature of our meet and greet events, our celebrity events may have  enhanced security procedures and constraints on audience and artist interaction. 

Always be patient and polite, reasonable and relaxed. 

Management reluctantly reserves the right to remove anyone

from the event for any reason at any time. 

All events are audio and video recorded, and purchase of entry to the event represents your consent to being filmed and recorded. 

Upcoming Five Feet From Famous Events

August 17th 2019

Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson) and Kat Dyson (Prince & The New Power Generation)

Doors 7pm - 11:00 pm

The Melody Event Center 615 SE Alder St Portland OR

+ Event Details

August 17th 2019

Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson) and Kat Dyson (Prince & The New Power Generation)


A once-in-a-lifetime fan opportunity: Get to meet, hang out with, talk with and hear the stories of two of music's most talented and iconic female guitarists - Jennifer Batten and Kat Dyson.

To say this would be a night of Women Empowerment would be an understatement: These women and their guitars shared the stage and backed up perhaps the two biggest pop music influences of the last 100 years, Prince and Michael Jackson.

Jennifer Batten is an incredibly prolific guitarist. She spent more than a decade traveling the world as Michael Jackson's lead guitarist, doing all three solo world tours with him, the Super Bowl, and many other iconic events. She's been guitarist for Jeff Beck and many others, including her own band, Jennifer Batten & Full Steam.

Kat Dyson is an amazing R&B / Funk / Blues guitarist. As the iconic lead guitarist and a vocalist for Prince and The New Power Generation, she recorded multiple albums and toured with the his royal purple funkiness. Her other artist credits include Cyndi Lauper, Natalie Cole, Dave Stewart, Keb Mo, Sheila E., Bo Diddley, Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger.

From what it took to become the guitarist for those two powerhouses, to what it was like to work with them, tour with them, be friends with them, and play for them, Five Feet from Famous is bringing a select exclusive group of fans the opportunity they will never have again: The opportunity to meet, hang out with, hear the stories and ask questions of these two amazing women of music history. And, it's rumored that these two monster guitarists are going to bring out their guitars, cut some heads and do a set which might answer the question once and for all:

Jackson or Prince?

Doors 7pm - 11:00 pm

The Melody Event Center 615 SE Alder St Portland OR


Who do you want to see us interview? Who do you want in the hotseat? Want us to come to your town?

7pm - 10pm

You Name It!

+ Event Details


Who do you want to see us interview? Who do you want in the hotseat? Want us to come to your town?

We've just launched this new type of event, and are looking to add to our roster of appearances, venues and event ideas.
Want to see someone? Know someone who would be great to be featured? Have a cool idea for our shows? Know of a cool venue?
Drop us a line at info@FiveFeetfromFamous and let us know your fab ideas. If we use your suggestion, we'll give you free tix to your suggested show! 

7pm - 10pm

You Name It!


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